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The Rio Studio

In contexts of fast urban population growth, the formal sector is unable to provide sufficient adequate housing for this growing population, which then resort to self-help processes that lead to informal settlements.

This advanced studio will look into one of these settlements located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in an attempt to solve such complex problems using a computational design approach. The ultimate goal is to fully integrate it with the rest of the city by reinforcing structural stability, strengthening social activity, creating and enhancing open space, and developing the landscape as ecological infrastructure.

Computation is understood broadly as a procedural paradigm independent of different technical substrates (e.g. computers). The goal of the studio is to give students the opportunity to use cutting-edge computational technology, including advanced geometric modeling, virtual reality, digital prototyping, remote collaboration, and algorithmic design, among others, in a real world context. The studio will evolve in parallel with studios at universities in Rio and several types of interaction are foreseen with these remote studios.

Landscape Architecture
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ARCH 491, ARCH 536, LARCH 414
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Stuckeman Center for Design Computing
Stuckeman Collaborative Design Research Center