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Negar Ashrafi
Portrait of Negar Ashrafi
Department of Architecture

Negar Ashrafi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Architecture at Penn State. She received her bachelor's degree in architecture and her M.Arch back in her home country of Iran. While she was pursuing her master's degree, she started to work as an architect at Heeman Consulting Engineers Company. 

As her intention has always been to become a useful and creative researcher and to make my research endeavors to be constructive and practical, Ashrafi decided to pursue a M.S. in Architecture at Penn State, which is a research-based program. For her master’s thesis, she was working on “Opportunities and Life Cycle Impacts of High-Performance Windows in Reducing Energy Use in Residential Buildings.” The main objective of the study was to compare different types of high-performance windows using Life-Cycle Energy Analysis (LCEA), in order to find the most effective one in sustainable housing with regard to energy consumption. The analysis was conducted using a combination of energy simulation and embodied energy of the window’s components.

As she continues her doctoral studies, Ashrafi became interested in the novel concept of using additive manufacturing technologies in architecture and intended to make 3D-printing technology, specifically 3D-printing concrete, more feasible and frequent in the building industry. Therefore, she chose the topic of “Toolpath Design for Additive Manufacturing of Concrete” for her Ph.D. study.