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Dissertation / Thesis: Oct 2017 to Jun 2018

Mass Customization of House Designs
Project description: 

The aim of this research is to develop a design tool allowing mass customization of house designs and to use that tool to analyze computer aided participatory design process. The tool consist of interactive table allowing user interaction and digital design system responsible for generating design solutions with respect to formalized architectural design rules. Design rules are formalized with a use of shape grammars and are implemented using non-contextual grammars and parametric design. 

For the purpose of this research, usability tests of the developed tool are being conducted. The usability tests are combined of two parts: (1) In the first part users configure house floor plan with a use of proposed tool; and (2) In the second part users provide feedback regarding: usability of the tool, proposed design process, and obtained final design solution.

The research study is expected to provide information regarding the users customization expectations, their ability to self-configure architectural design solutions and performance of the developed tool in providing mass-customization of house designs.

Penn State Visiting Researcher/WAPW Ph.D. Candidate/Fulbright Scholar: Krystian Kwieciński
Penn State Adviser: José Pinto Duarte
WAPW Supervisor: Jan Słyk