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Shokofeh Darbari
Department of Architecture

Shokofeh Darbari is a M.Arch. student at The Pennsylvania State University. Her architectural approach deals mainly with space as an element able to provide specific experience inside and outside a building; materials as tools to shape the space and its image in the site, but also analysis of the location, in order to get awareness of the identity of a place. She also likes to design taking in account influences from different fields, such as art, technology and computer science. Her research explores the intersection of design and making through the lenses of robotic fabrication and intensive material exploration. Over the course of her internships at A. Zahner and Kohn Peterson Fox (KPF), she worked on several architectural, computational design, and fabrication projects which gave her the chance to realize the multi-layered considerations about both design and constructional process of non-standard complex geometry building.