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Nasim Motalebi
Nasim Motalebi
Department of Architecture

Nasim Motalebi finished her M.S. in Architecture in 2017 from the Stuckeman School of Architecture. With a focus on Computational Design and Material's research, her work is considered cross-disciplinary between two major clusters of material matters (supervised by Marcus Shaffer) and design computation (supervised by José Duarte).

Advised by Marcus Shaffer, Motalebi's work created an architecture that would foster a connection between the virtual and the physical world through interactive, transformable, and ephemeral space. Her work is designed for people (bodies) who are absorbed by the possibility of doing almost anything and of being almost anywhere in the virtual world.

Motalebi has a B.S. in Architectural Engineering from University of Tehran, Iran in 2014 and is currently a doctoral student in the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State.