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Brian Peterka RA
Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor
Department of Architecture

Brian Peterka received his master of architecture degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he explored how narrative structures and storytelling – novels, movies, theatre, television, comics, drawings, and paintings – can intersect, inform, and enrich architectural development and the built environment. Immediately following graduate school, he worked in Shanghai, China with Eco Systems Design, an urban planning and architectural think tank, helping to conceptualize sustainable new cities in rapidly changing landscapes.

Currently, Peterka is a licensed, registered, and practicing architect. He worked for more than 10 years with firms in Atlanta prior to relocating to State College. His continuing architectural practice has resulted in a diverse portfolio of projects from fire stations to healthcare facilities, art museums to airport administration hubs, community centers to master plans. Balancing daily architectural practice while instructing the next generation of architects in an academic environment brings an up-to-date, working perspective of built projects into the studio setting.

Prior to training to become an architect, Peterka earned a bachelor of fine arts in printmaking at The Ohio State University and worked for many years in the fields of fine art and graphic design. His background and ongoing experiments in drawing, representation, narrative, and abstraction continue to guide his architectural practice.