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Guest Lecture: Onur Yüce Gün – "Data as Parts: Implementing Design Methods for the Unknown"

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 11:00am
Stuckeman Jury Space

We are exponentially producing, projecting, collecting, and interpreting more data every passing day.  

This growing interest is requiring us to revise current design processes along with corresponding digital computation workflows. Often forgotten, data remains as a mode of quantitative abstraction and quality re-proves itself as the fundamental, yet challenging, objective of design practices and education.

Searching for ways to discuss terms such as quality, meaning, and relevance in a digitally and quantitatively driven world, this lecture investigates data as parts and questions its role in making wholes. When used to critically investigate conventional part-whole relationships, evidence that is drawn from the fields of statistics, computation, and philosophy yields novel strategies for computational design innovation. 

The Department of Architecture hosts Onur Yüce Gün, the creative manager of computational design at New Balance Athletics, for this special lecture. Gün currently leads generative design and additive manufacturing efforts with proximity to New Balance’s Sports Research Lab and manufacturing innovation.

An award-winning architect, computational designer, critical thinker, and educator, he has been contributing to the development of buildings, objects, products, interfaces, essays, lectures, and applications across disciplines and scales for the last 15 years. 

In 2006, Gün instituted the Computational Geometry Group at KPF in New York, where he developed his expertise in generative design, computational tool making, non-standard geometries, and digital manufacturing. Later he joined İstanbul Bilgi University as the director of undergraduate studies in the School of Architecture. He has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Rhode Island School of Design and Adolfo Ibáñez University in Chile, and has served as a mentor at the Pratt Institute and the University of Pennsylvania.

Gün holds a doctorate and a master of architecture from MIT, where he was part of the school's Design and Computation Group.

Graphic of sneaker tread
Portrait of Onur Yüce Gün