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Elena Vazquez
Portrait of Elena Vasquez
Department of Architecture

Elena Vazquez is a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant at the Stuckeman Center for Design Computation at Penn State. She holds an M.S. Architecture degree from Penn State, completed with the support of a Fulbright scholarship. Her research focuses on material computation, digital fabrication, generative design and smart materials.

Before coming to Penn State, Vasquez obtained her professional degree in architecture from the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion. She worked as an architect in several architecture firms in Paraguay and was the associate architect in the detail design and construction supervision of several housing projects.

Her master's dissertation: "Perforated Masonry Walls: Creating a digital framework for optimizing environmental performance through shape configuration" has been recognized with the Distinguished Master's Thesis Award, a university-wide recognition for excellence in masters-level thesis research. In spring 2018, she was awarded the ARCC King's student medal, for Excellence in Architectural and Environmental Research.

Her presentations at academic conferences include: "A Grammar of Perforated Masonry Walls. A formal analysis of brick walls used for shading and ventilation in Paraguay" at SIGRADI 2017 in Concepcion, Chile; "Bridging Parametric Design and Craftmanship: Materializing the Digital Parametric Wall with Low-tech Masonry Construction Techniques" at CAADRIA 2018 in Beijing, China; and "Bring in the Noise: A robotic-aided framework for the indirect shape translation and molding of inexact geometries" at eCAADe 2018 in Lodz, Poland.