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From Costuming and Dancing Sculptures to Architecture

Research project: Jul 2014 to Dec 2016

The Corporeal and Computational in Design and Fabrication of Lightweight Mobile Structures
Project description: 

This work describes a new approach to designing and fabricating costuming and dancing sculptures and the potential application of this system at the architectural scale.

A novel design system is presented based on the movement, form, and spatial relation of characters and dancing sculptures in the Trinidad Carnival. A present a system that produces lightweight mobile structures from 3D printed connections, lightweight rods, and textile is also presented. Through a detailed case study, a new dancing sculpture is designed and a full-scale lightweight mobile structure at the architectural scale is fabricated. Fabrication of the lightweight structure is achieved using Digital Crafting and Crafting Fabrication approaches to wire-bending, which includes the early development of a digital fabrication program for rod elements. This work has potential implications for costuming and dancing sculptures; architecture; computational design; and craft practices.

Keywords: Lightweight Architectural Structures, Dancing Sculptures, Craft, Fabrication

Principal Investigator (PI)

Vernelle A. A. Noel