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Architecture Minor

Program Overview

The Architecture Studies Minor permits students in other majors the opportunity to gain insight into the discipline of architecture. To enroll, students must receive approval from their academic adviser and the professor-in-charge of the minor in Architecture Studies.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Architecture or Bachelor of Science in Architecture degree programs are not eligible to enter the minor in Architecture. However, students transferring out of architecture may opt to receive recognition for their efforts and time spent in the major by completing requirements for the minor. The minor is intended to augment study in allied design majors, but graduates may not pursue licensure to practice Architecture. Coursework includes credits in art history, architectural theory, and architectural design, as well as courses from interest areas in architecture, architectural engineering, art or architectural history, and landscape architecture.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor.

Scheduling Recommendation by Semester Standing given like (Sem: 1-2)

Details/ Requirements

Minor Requires 21 credits


  • Select 6 credits from ARCH 100 GA(3) or ARCH 210 GA(3), ARCH 211 GA(3), ART H 201 GA(3) or ART H 202 GA(3) (Sem: 1-2)


  • Select 3 credits from ARCH 101(3)[4], ARCH 130A(3-6)[2], ARCH 231(6)[3], ARCH 232(6)[3], ARCH 441(3)[2], ARCH 442(3)[2] (Sem: 1-8)
  • Select 6 credits from 400 level (or above) ARCH courses: ARCH 443(1), ARCH 481(3), ARCH 482(3), ARCH 496(1-18), ARCH 497(1-9), ARCH 499C IL(3), but excluding ARCH 441 and ARCH 442 (Sem: 7-8)


Select 6 credits within Architecture, Art History, Landscape Architecture or Architecture Engineering in consultation with an adviser and the discretion of the Architecture Department Head (Sem: 7-8)

[2] Courses available to Architectural Engineering majors only.

[3] Courses available to Architecture majors only.

[4] Students will not be permitted to take ARCH 101 after a 6-credit studio experience in order to increase credits contributing to fulfilling the minor.