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Faculty Accomplishments

We celebrate the work and accomplishments of the architects and landscape architects who comprise the Stuckeman School. Though not all of them are mentioned herein, they are making tremendous contributions to their fields through their pedagogy, designs, awards, presentations, and publications.

The following list is a sampling of just a few of their accomplishments during the last few years.


Aeschbacher, Peter. 2009–2010 Penn State’s inaugural Scholar-in-Residence for Public Scholarship. 2008 National Education Honor Award from the American Institute of Architects and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Baird, C. Timothy. 2008 Richard W. Trott Distinguished Visiting Professorship at the Knowlton School of Architecture of Ohio State University. With Landworks Studio: Macallen Building: 2010 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Pennsylvania/ Delaware Chapter Merit Award; 2009 ASLA Honor Award; 2009 Boston Society of Landscape Architects Merit Award; 2009 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence; 2009 Boston Society of Architects (BSA) Honor Award; 2008 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Housing Award; 2008 AIA Committee on the Environment Top 10 Green Project. Blackstone Power Plant Renovation: 2009 BSLA Merit Award; 2008 AIA New England Merit Award; 2007 BSA Honor Award for Sustainable Design. 200 5th Avenue: 2010 AIA New York Merit Award.

Bowns, Caru. 2009–2010 Hamer Center for Community Design Faculty Fellowship. 2010 Penn State Public Scholarship Fellow. 2010 ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects, Pennsylvania/ Delaware Chapter) Honor Award for Student Collaboration: Sunbury, PA Community Master Plan. 2010 Pennsylvania APA (American Planning Association) Student Community Planning Award for Sunbury, PA Community-Informed Design Studies. 2008 Penn State Rock Ethics Institute Fellow.

Celento, david and Del Harrow (Ceramics, Penn State School of Visual Arts). 2008, CeramiSKIN: a three-month residency at the European Ceramic Work Centre, The Netherlands.

Costanzo, Denise. 2010–2011 Astorino Fellowship, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Penn State.

Echols, Stuart. 2007 Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State.

Foster, Kelleann. Becoming a Landscape Architect: 2010 President’s Award of Excellence, American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter; The State College Borough Design Guide: 2009 Merit Award, ASLA, Pennsylvania/ Delaware Chapter; “PennSCAPEs” CD-ROM: 2004 Special Recognition Award, ASLA, Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter.

Haider, Jawaid. 2007–2010, Expert Reviewer, Fulbright Senior Scholar Program for Architecture and Planning.

Iulo, lisa, Geoffrey Brownson and Allen Kimmel. 2009 Faculty Advisers, Natural Fusion: Penn State entry in U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory International Solar Decathlon.

Iulo, Lisa and Scott Wing. 2007 Faculty Advisers, Morning Star: Penn State entry in U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory International Solar Decathlon. Fourth place in international competition.

Kalsbeek, James with Renee Kredell, Penn State School of Theatre. 2007–2008 Astorino Fellowship, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Penn State; 2005 University Teaching Fellow, Penn State.

Kesler, Gary. 2007 President’s Medal, American Society of Landscape Architects.

Lacoe, Jodi. 2008 New Faculty Teaching Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture and American Institute of Architecture Students.

Kunze, Don. 2008 Nadine Carter Russell Visiting Fellowship, Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University.

Lindberg, Darla V. 2010 Outstanding Teaching Award, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State.

Orland, Brian. “Most Admired Educators of 2010,” DesignIntelligence; Honorary Scientist, Rural Development Administration, the Republic of Korea.

Poerschke, Ute. 2009, fifth prize in national design competition for student housing in Augsburg, Germany. Published in Wettbewerbe aktuell. 2008, runner-up in European-wide competition for enlargement of the Veitsburg (youth hostel) in Ravensburg, Germany. Published in Wettbewerbe aktuell.

Staub, Alexandra. 2008 Resident Scholar, Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Penn State.

Tarantino, Ann. 2008 Artist Residency by Ragdale Foundation; 2007 Artist Residency by Soaring Gardens; 2007 Artist Residency by Vermont Studio Center.

Willis, Dan. 2010 Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award, Penn State.

Wines, James.  2011 “Premio di Architettura ANCE,” presented to an international architect by Associazione Nazionale Construttori Edili (National Association of Builders in Italy). 2008 New World Plaza International Public Space Competition (Urban Forest), First Award, Beijing, China; 2004 Fulbright Distinguished Professor Fellowship, University of Toronto.

Wing, Scott. 2007 Excellence in Honors Advising Award, Penn State.


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Willis, Dan. 2009. Spruce Creek vacation house. 7,000-square foot house, development of a 44-acre site, and renovation/restoration of an historic farmhouse. Spruce Creek, Pa.

Wines, James. 2008. GWA Cheon Social Club, Ji-Ahn/Form Architecture and GS Construction, Gwacheon, Seoul, South Korea.

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Burkholder, Sean. 2009. The Role of Landscape within the American Shrinking City. College of Arts and Architecture Research Grant, $8,500.

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Cole, C. Andrew. 2004. Wetland Monitoring and Assessment Project: Natural Wetlands of the Bald Eagle Ridge and Valley. Penn Future, $108,000.

Haider, Jawaid (Principal Investigator) with Peter Aeschbacher and Mallika Bose (Co-PIs). 2008–2010. Planning and Design Strategies for Healthy Living, Parks, and Recreation in Pottstown Area. Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation, $235,161.

Johnson, Timothy with Peter Aeschbacher, James Cooper, and Loukas Kalisper is. 2009. High Tech – High Touch: Exploring the Use of Multi-Touch Surface Computing for Design Critiques, Collaboration, and Communication. Stuckeman Center for Design Computing, $15,800.

Lindberg, Darla V. (Principal Investigator), Rachel Smith, Tim Reluga, Mary Poss, and Jill Findeis. 2009–2011. Examining Policy Resistance and Infectious Disease Spread within Dynamic Network Conditions at the U.S./Mexico Border. National Institutes of Health, $396,857.

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Murtha, Timothy and James Wood (Co-Principal Investigators), Pat Johnson and Stephen Matthews. 2005–2010. HSD: Spatiotemporal Dimensions of Population Change in the Northern Orkney Islands from about 1735 to 2000. The National Science Foundation, $520,000.

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McMurry, Sally, Principal Investigator; Cecilia Rusnak, Co-Investigator. 2004–2005. Historical Agricultural Context for Pennsylvania. PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, $100,000.

Orland, Brian and Larry Gorenflo. 2010. Habitat, Hunger, Health—Human and Biodiversity Needs Where Parks and People Meet: Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania. Private foundation support.

Orland, Brian, Co-Principal Investigator. 2010-2011. Penn State University Marcellus Shale Initiative: Environmental and psychosocial risk regulators of stress in time and context. Penn State. Private foundation support,$65,881.

Orland, Brian, Investigator. 2011-2016. Greater Philadelphia Regional Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Buildings: Interaction of Building Environmental Factors and Human Health. Penn State. United States Department of Energy, $129 million.

Orland, Brian, Principal Investigator. 2010-2011. An iPad -based Augmented Reality Tool for Design, Planning and Research in Environmental Change. Penn State. Penn State University Stuckeman Fund for Collaborative Design Research, $14,758.

Poerschke, Ute. 2010. Environmentally Conscious Architecture and Historical Preservation: The Republic of Cyprus Presidential Palace. Cyprus Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, $11,692.

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Tschakert, Petra, Kenneth Tamminga, Robert Crane, Esther Prins, and Christopher Hoadley. 2009–2011. Anticipatory Learning for Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience. National Science Foundation, Human and Social Dynamics Program, $750,000.

Wing, Scott. 2007. Grant in support of Solar Decathlon house. Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, $100,000.



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