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Parabrick: Materializing the Digital Parametric Wall with Low-Tech Masonry Construction Techniques

Today, brick masonry surfaces where units have unique relationships and varying configurations can be easily designed in the computer with the help of parametric design tools; yet, the increasing complexity of brick masonry designs introduces challenges for traditional brick craftsmanship. One of the greatest challenges lies in the efficient and affordable materialization of non-standardized brick layouts.

With Parabrick, the aim is to bridge digital design and low-tech construction methods. In a five-day student workshop that constitutes the initial stage of the research, students learned to generate parametric models, and to combine digital fabrication strategies with traditional construction methods. The workshop took place in Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, Paraguay. The next step of this research is to incorporate performance criteria in the design of the masonry walls and explore their constructability using the methods developed in the first stage.

Course duration: 
May, 2017

Benay Gürsoy Toykoç, Elena Vazquez, Julio Diarte, and Hakan Toykoç 

Local Team:
Juanca Cristaldo, Gabriela Mojoli, Fabio Ibarra, Eduardo Segovia, Cesar Martinez, Angel Ocampos, Jose Araujo, Carmen Ramirez, and Lucio Medina

Cecilia Behage, Diego Bernal, Giovanna Martinez, Hernan Jimenez, Luca Meza, Maggi Ovelar, Marcos Medina, Sasha Kravetz, and Tomas Reyes

Research Unit Connections: 
Stuckeman Center for Design Computing