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Stuckeman Students and Faculty Head Abroad for Summer Study Courses

Learning doesn't have to slow down in the summertime. In fact, many Stuckeman students are taking the opportunity to participate in summer-session courses around the globe. Furthermore, numerous Stuckeman faculty members are leveraging their specialized regional and topical knowledge and experience to lead courses abroad.


Stuckeman students are joining architecture professors Marcus Shaffer and Katsu Muramoto for a six-week program addressing two essential areas of study: experiencing contemporary urban life in the world’s most populated cities (Tokyo and Seoul), and first-hand exposure to non-western architectural/design traditions and construction technologies. Participants will see 4,000 years of singular cultural development in Japan and on the Korean peninsula, including extraordinary examples of Confucist-, Buddhist-, and Shinto-inspired architecture, topography, gardens, planning, and sustainable practices.

Barcelona, Spain

Based at the Barcelona Architecture Center in the city’s Gothic Quarter, the program will focus upon the sustainable planning, design, and management of public urban spaces in Barcelona and the municipal region. It will immerse students in the local and European approach to urbanism and design. Students will study the history of the city and its dynamic and socially progressive approach to urban planning and design with landscape architecture professor Neil Korostoff.

Florence, Italy

A group of students is joining assistant professor of art and landscape architecture Ann Tarantino at the Studio Art Centers International (SACI) visual arts studios in Florence. Tarantino will teach a painting course for all levels of students.

Mang'ula, Tanzania

Due to regional unrest, the school's longstanding Tanzania 'Parks and People' program is finalizing details for a stateside study option with landscape architecture professors Larry Gorenflo and Barry Kew at the helm.

Person looking overhead into a solid mass of red glowing paper ballons
Ornamental hedge in Italian garden
Students standing above two men working in water/mud pit in Tanzania