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Iulo Named Hamer Center Director

Lisa Iulo, associate professor of architecture, has been named director of the Hamer Center for Community Design for a three-year term, July 2017–June 2020. Iulo's career has demonstrated a commitment to engaged community research within Pennsylvania. Her current and future focus aligns well with the Hamer Center mission and past activities. Iulo is actively engaged in advanced and externally funded research, which is critical for the wellbeing of the Center.

The Hamer Center is a vital part of the Stuckeman School and the Penn State College of Arts and Architecture. Its resources are valued and needed in the communities it has served for nearly two decades. In anticipation of Dr. Tim Murtha stepping down as director in June, after a three-year term, the Stuckeman School issued a call for nominations for the next director. Three candidates were nominated and the Stuckeman Faculty Council reviewed these nominations. Following the recommendations from the Stuckeman Faculty Council and the school director, Iulo was appointed to the position.

Scalable solutions for sustainability remains a central tenet of my work, specifically exploring applicable solutions for achieving low-energy, resilient housing and communities. The environmental, economic and social challenges presented by this trajectory are addressed with holistically considered and integrated solutions, informed by diverse ideas and perspectives, and made tangible through design. Towards this end, I have dedicated my scholarship to fostering engagement between students and community, focusing on the integrative design process that leads to sustainable, resilient design. It is my belief that scientific rigor can be applied to design by presenting replicable solutions that simultaneously address project needs/desires with methods that can be tested for success and then disseminated to inform broader applicability/implementation. – Lisa Iulo

Iulo is a registered architect, professional planner, and LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).  Her work has been recognized in research and practice related to residential green building practices and affordable housing, energy efficiency, and strategies for the implementation of renewable energy at the building and community scale. She is committed to undergraduate and graduate education and research and is open to having new faculty and students along with existing colleagues work within the Center.

Lisa Iulo