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Corbelletti Competition

The Corbelletti Competition – named for past Department of Architecture head Raniero Corbelletti (1968–88) – traditionally marks the start of a new school year for Penn State architecture students, and 2017 is no exception. Competition brief authors Leonidas Papalampropoulos and Georgia Syriopoulou opened the competition and delivered a series of three lectures spanning Monday and Tuesday, 21-22 August 2017. The competition judging and awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 29 August, in the Stuckeman Family Building Jury Space. All events are free and open to the public.

The competition brief, titled Borders & Conflicts, A City with Two Climates, calls on students to engage in a particularly  timely interrogation of cultural conflicts and the polictics of weather through the lense of antagonistic dipoles. "From the literal distinction of temperature difference we somehow find ourselves involved in a cultural conflict that reshapes the public realm. It is in our perceptual process that we tend to attribute identities based on spatial and geographical sets in order to construct 'the other' and protect our system of values and ideals." 

Student will consider these intellectual notions, along with historical precedents, projects, and relevant literature, as they undertake to craft a narrative and visual design response that envisions a city with two climates. The competition is open to second-year through graduate-level architecture students; all entries will be submitted by Friday, 25 August, and displayed in the Stuckeman Family Building Jury Space for the open judging session on 29 August.

Competition Event Details

Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon: Open Jury
Tuesday, 1:00 PM: Awards Announcement

Competition Brief Authors for 2017

Leonidas Papalampropoulos studied architecture in the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) (2004) and the Bartlett School of Architecture in London (2005). He acquired his Ph.D. at NTUA (2015). His research focuses on the emergence of utopian microcosmic environments in the architectural discourse. He has been teaching visual arts in the Lab of Plastic Arts at the NTUA since 2007 and architectural design at the Architecture School of the University of Patras since 2016.

Georgia Syriopoulou studied architecture at the University of Patras (Diploma with Honors, 2012) and the Technical University of Delft (MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, with Honors, 2014). Her interests focus on the role of narrative in architectural composition and the mechanism of construction of cultural identity.

Their work has been distinguished in international architectural competitions – 1st prize, Room 18, DOMES, 2016; Special Mention, Design of an Administration and Cultural Complex, Kaliningrad, Russia; 2nd prize, Archeological Museum of Piraeus, 2015; Honorable Mention, Museum of Agricultural Heritage, Eptagonia, Cyprus, 2012; 1st prize, Hotel Leivatho, DOMES, Best Built Work 2009–11; Shortlisted, Hotel Leivatho World Architecture Festival 2010 – and has been published and presented in architecture and art exhibitions, conferences, and journals in Greece and abroad.


Corbelletti Competition 2017
Leonidas Papalampropoulos and Georgia Syriopoulou