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2015 Undergraduate Excellence Award Winners

The Stuckeman School is home to an incredibly talented body of students, many of whom have received special awards for scholarship and service. Congratulations go out to all of the undergraduate student award winners from the architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design disciplines.


  • Kossman Fifth-Year Thesis Competition: Laurie Mendez (winner), Allie Pladson (runner-up)
  • College of Arts and Architecture Creative Achievement Award: Meghan Tierney, Mike Zaengle
  • National Concrete Masonry Association Competition First Honor: Nathan Sauter
  • National Concrete Masonry Association Competition Honorable Mention: Andrew Chesakis, Samuel Oztan
  • Ewing Cole Award For Architecture: Nicole Deitrich
  • Leonard S. Fiore, Inc. Scholarship: Nathan Sauter
  • Richard Grube Traveling Scholarship: Marissa Getty, Justin Femiano, Andrew Hoffman, Christine Mihalenko, Rosalie Schlenk
  • Mark Kates Memorial Scholarship: Ayman Tawfeeq
  • Alma Heinz and August Louis Pohland Scholarship: Jeff Carroll, Rebecca Newburg, Josh Horenstein, Daejauna Briggs
  • Kurt Kristian Stenman Memorial Scholarship: In Pun
  • Corbelletti Design Charette Winner: Lindsay Connelly (winner), Brittany Hardaway (runner-up), Andrew Hoffman (runner-up)
  • William Hajjar And Anne Bortz Hajjar Memorial Scholarship (1st Tier): Rebecca Lefkowitz, Ayman Tawfeeq, Andrew Hoffman, Owen Markefka
  • William Hajjar And Anne Bortz Hajjar Memorial Scholarship (2nd Tier): Laura Deluca, Kaleigh Baker, Marissa Getty, Brian Benaim
  • Goshow Sustainable Building Design Award: Hannah Estrich
  • PA AIA Award: Cory Clippinger
  • KPF Traveling Fellowship Portfolios Submitted: Brian Kerr, Elena Nentcheva
  • The John Stewardson Memorial Competition In Architecture Honorable Mention: Meghan Tierney
  • Aia Henry Adams Medal: Cory Clippinger (winner), Thomas Chambers (runner-up)
  • Alpha Rho Chi Bronze Medal: Danielle Mitchell

Landscape Architecture

  • ASLA Honor Award: Boxia Wang
  • ASLA Merit Awards: Matthew Fichter, Andrew Madl
  • Olmsted Scholar: Tara Mazurczyk
  • College of Arts and Architecture Creative Achievement Award: Andrew Madl, Boxia Wang
  • Department of Landscape Architecture Excellence Awards (1st year): Sandy Wei, Xiaoji Zhou
  • Department of Landscape Architecture Excellence Award (2nd year): Yixiao Fu
  • Department of Landscape Architecture Excellence Awards (3rd year): Hannah Thomas, Stephen Zimmerer, Jordan Weber
  • Department of Landscape Architecture Excellence Awards (4th year): Jeffrey Holzer, Andrew Seifarth, Wilson Lee
  • Excellence in Visual Communication: Ruichen Ni, Xiaoji Zhou
  • Excellence in Planting Design: Andrea McCullough
  • Excellence in Grading and Stormwater: Zilin Gui, Emily Hahn
  • Excellence in Materials: Jessica Owens
  • The Brian Orland Award for Excellence in Geospatial Analysis and Design: Christopher Frey
  • Department Service and Leadership Awards: Emily Larkin, Wilson Lee, Andrea McCullough, Charles Scanzello, Kyrie Yaccarino
  • Exceptional Growth in the Study of Landscape Architecture: Richard Conte
  • Golumbic Scholarship: Emily Hahn (Humanistic), Jon Van Wagoner (Design)
  • William E. and Julia Nelo Clark Excellence Scholarship: Charles Scanzello
  • The Donald Girouard Memorial Fund Award: Lauren Shoats
  • The John O. Simonds Award: Qin Fang
  • Kenneth A. Schnorr Memorial Study Abroad Scholarship: Jacqueline Schaeffer, Stephen Zimmerer
  • The Alma Heinz and August Pohland Scholarship: Eleni Jones, Jacob McCash
  • Humphry Repton Creative Writing Award: Andrea McCullough
  • The H.S. Pennypacker Scholarship: Andrea McCullough
  • The Kenneth and Milton Berg Memorial Scholarship: Wilson Lee
  • The Veronica Burns Lucas Memorial Travel Award: Matthew Yeager
  • Alumni Society Scholarship: Jeffrey Holzer

Graphic Design

  • Betreff Gentner Prize at the 2015 “Water is Life” International Student Poster Competition in Berlin: Alexis Arra (sophomore)
  • College of Arts and Architecture Creative Achievement Award: Kailyn Moore (senior)
  • Platinum award in the 2015 Graphis New Talent competition: Daniel Lewis (senior)
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