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2015 Kossman Design Thesis Reviews

The Architecture Department hosted the annual Kossman Design Thesis Reviews May 1-3, 2015. The reviews included presentations from fifth-year architecture students. The winner of this year's review was Laurie Mendez, with her thesis project, "El Barrio: Community & Housing as One." First Runner-Up was Allie Pladson, with her thesis, "Spill, 'A Cry for Hope'."

2015 Kossman Jurors

  • María Hurtado de Mendoza Wahrolén, Founding principal of estudio.entresitio; Associate Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Rome Prize winner
  • César Jiménez de Tejada Benavides, Founding principal of estudio.entresitio; Fulbright Fellow
  • Frank Weiner, Professor, School of Architecture + Design, Virgina Tech
  • Gale Fulton, Chair, Graduate Landscape Architecture Program, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Amy Cha, Architect at Bohlin Cywinski Jackson; Stuckeman alumni reviewer 

Student Presentations


  • Julia Wattick
  • Mike Zaengle
  • Kyrie Martin
  • Jamie Saunders
  • Dave Schaare


  • Lori Ambrusch
  • Jana Koch (Honorable Mention)
  • Melanie Ray
  • TJ Chambers
  • Travis Creighton
  • Ryan David
  • Hannah Estrich
  • Brian Gruendl
  • Julia Brooks (Honorable Mention)
  • Vonn Weisenberger
  • Eli Vazquez Luna
  • Patrick Lynch
  • Ari Rosenthal
  • Brad McBurney
  • Laurie Mendez (2015 Kossman Winner)
  • Ryan Oldach
  • Allie Pladson (First Runner-Up)


  • Jesse Quezada
  • Lauren Uhlig
  • Kelsey Ross
  • Josh Seiler
  • Becca Smith (Honorable Mention)
  • Meghan Tierney
  • Justin Teufel
  • Garrett Buell
  • Nathalie Waelbroeck
  • Lauren Wandel
  • Peter Leatherman
  • Brendan Westfall