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Landscape Architecture Study Abroad Alternate and Summer Options

Alternates to the AIB Bonn Program

All landscape architecture majors are required to study abroad either the Spring Semester of their fourth year or Fall Semester of their fifth year. The preferred study abroad program for this semester abroad is the Academy of International Education (AIB) in Bonn, Germany. However, the Department of Landscape Architecture has approved a few other programs that will satisfy the study abroad requirement. This list represents the Penn State sponsored study abroad programs that may be attended as an alternative to AIB Bonn, Germany.

Lincoln University | Christchurch, New Zealand                                                                                               
Penn State has a direct enrollment agreement with Lincoln University which is especially good for landscape architecture students. True to the university’s agrarian origins, Lincoln University’s landscape architecture program concentrates on sustainability and enhancement of ecological and cultural values.

University of New South Wales | Sydney, Australia                                                                
Penn State’s agreement with UNSW is a combination of exchange and fee-paying direct enrollment. UNSW limits the number of PSU students to 24 per year. The number of applicants occasionally exceeds this limit. Most applicants apply for the Spring Semester so your chances are better if you apply for the Fall Semester. Strength of program: urban design.

University of Melbourne | Melbourne, Australia                                             
Penn State’s agreement with the University of Melbourne is a combination of exchange and fee-paying direct enrollment so the chances of being accepted are good. Strength of program: environmental planning.

University of Western Australia | Perth, Australia                                           
The exchange balance can vary each semester but the UWA typically has openings for Penn State students.

Victoria University of Wellington | Wellington, New Zealand                           
Penn State’s agreement with VUW is a combination of exchange and fee-paying direct enrollment. VUW currently places no limit on the number of PSU students it will accept but it may have a limit on how many Larch students it can accommodate at one time. Strength of program: environmental planning.

University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong, China
Penn State has a student exchange agreement with the University of Hong Kong so spaces are limited. All classes are taught in English. In a city of seven million residents, the strength of the program is urban planning.

University of Buenos Aires | Buenos Aires, Argentina                           
IES is a study abroad consortium that facilitates enrollment in the University of Buenos Aires. Courses are taught in Spanish. This program is available to those with advanced Spanish proficiency only.

Technische Universitat Berlin | Berlin, Germany                                         
IES is a study abroad consortium that facilitates enrollment in the Technische Universitat. Courses are taught in German. This program is available to those with advanced German proficiency only. Strength of program: urban design.

Application Deadlines

For Fall Semester: January 20th
For Spring Semester: May 1st
For Summer Semester: February 1st

Optional Summer Programs

Penn State sponsors a wide variety of summer programs, many of them are led by Penn State faculty, through which students can earn General Education credits. Penn State’s Department of Landscape Architecture has also developed two summer, faculty-led programs specifically for landscape architecture majors. The application deadline for all summer programs is February 1.

Barcelona, Spain
Penn State professor, Neil Korostoff leads a group of Penn State Landscape Architecture students to Barcelona, the most exciting city in southern Europe, each summer. Students earn nine credits in six weeks. Courses consist of “History of Urban Planning and Design in Barcelona,” “Studio: Planning, Design and Management of Public Urban Spaces in Barcelona,” and “Field Studies in the Urban History and Contemporary Management of Public Urban Spaces.”

The program is based at the Barcelona Architecture Center in the city’s Gothic Quarter. The program focuses on the sustainable planning, design and management of public urban spaces in Barcelona and the municipal region. It immerses students in the in the local and European approach to urbanism and design. 

For more information about the Barcelona program, go to:

Mang’ula, Tanzania
Penn State professor Larry Gorenflo leads a group of primarily Landscape Architecture majors to Tanzania each summer. This is a six-week, nine-credit program focusing biodiversity conservation in the 21st century: maintaining biological diversity and the essential services provided by functioning ecosystems in a world increasingly dominated by humans. 

This program is based at the Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Center in the Udzungwa Mountains National Park. In addition to elephant, lion, and hippopotamus, the Udzungwa Mountains National Park is home to more than 2,500 plant and 400 bird species. Adjacent to the park are villages whose people struggle everyday to meet the needs of their families, and who often see protected areas as restricting their access to much needed resources. Thus, the park faces the critical challenge of conserving nature alongside a severely stressed human population. 

For more information about the Tanzania program, go to:

Spend a Summer Day!

Spend a Summer Day events are open houses designed to help you learn about admissions, academics, and student life at Penn State. You and your family are invited to join us at University Park for an upcoming event.

This summer, visit days at University Park are July 22, 25, 26, 29, and 30. Click here to register to attend


This document is a summary of the E+D: Ecology + Design Symposium that was held in November 2017 at Penn State. Included are reflections on the conference by participating academics and practitioners, transcripts of their conversations with the community (and links to videos), and next steps to move this important initiative forward at Penn State and beyond. 

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Facilities tours and studio visits are offered most Fridays (by appointment) at 1:30 p.m. 

Please contact Kelly Praskovich, College of Arts and Architecture, Director of Enrollment, 814-865-9523, to schedule a visit so we may ensure students and faculty are available.

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