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Landscape Architecture Summer Intensive Program (SIP)

One Month, Not One Year

The Penn State Landscape Architecture Summer Intensive Program (SIP) lets you accomplish in one month what normally takes a full year. By successfully completing SIP, you will have gained a strong foundation in visualization and design so that you can confidently begin our professional landscape architecture degree programs. Successful completion of SIP will also enable undergraduate transfer/change students to enter the BLA curriculum at the second year level! You will build knowledge and skills in graphic techniques and conventions, freehand sketching, and digital graphic strategies. SIP also introduces concepts of spatial composition in the landscape. It’s a full year of learning packed into one intense, cost-effective month!


  • Less time: fast track through the first year curriculum in one month, not one year
  • Hit the ground running: learn visualization + spatial design skills needed for second year work
  • Graduate sooner: reduce time-to-degree by up to a full year
  • Save money: this program costs less than 10% of the full academic year in-state tuition rate   

Details + More Info

Key Dates

  • 2018 SIP program dates: 01–30 June 2018
  • SIP Application + Deposit Due: 01 May 2018

SIP Program Costs

Costs listed below are best projections at time of publication and are subject to change until 01 March of the offered year.

  • Program fee: $1500


Transfer and Change of Major/Campus students who have been accepted into the Penn State BLA program, and have completed a minimum of 30 transferable credits at Penn State or another university OR entering MLA students at Penn State.