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the Future

Be an agent of change. Design for the ‘big’ issues. Unlock powerful solutions for the complex issues of today and tomorrow.

The world is constantly changing, and landscape architects are skilled designers poised to shape, drive, and respond responsibly to these changes.

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    Research Centers
    We house endowed research centers within our school
  • Opportunities
    Limitless techniques, methodologies, and technologies to explore

Envision the future through design

Discover the impacts of design processes across a variety of urban and natural environments. Master design visualization from classic hand-drawn techniques to ground-breaking advanced digital software. See how using methods from pencil sketching to virtual reality can capture the world.

  • The Hamer Center for Community Design serves as a laboratory for community partnerships that integrate socio-economic and environmental conscious resolution to design and planning problems. It is an incubator for exploring ideas, a classroom, and a real-world link.
  • The Stuckeman Center for Design Computing is a lab of labs, with projects variously engaging architectural robotics, simulation and visualization, game development, Geographic Information Systems, sustainable development, digital fabrication, as well as historical and theoretical aspects of computation in design.

Key Programs