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Other Alumni Groups

Along with our Department Alumni Group (LArch Alumni APG), there is also a College Alumni Society and Penn State’s Alumni Association. Members of the Penn State Alumni Association are automatically members of the Arts and Architecture/Performing Arts Alumni Society. More about both of these alumni groups can be assessed via links below.

Arts and Architecture/Performing Arts Alumni Society

Arts and Architecture/Performing Arts Alumni Society is affiliated with the Penn State Alumni Association and is made up of members who either graduated from the College of Arts and Architecture, or who participated in a recognized performing arts group at Penn State, such as Blue Band, University Choir, Glee Club. We are governed by a Board of Directors and are supported by staff members in the College’s Alumni Relations office.

The Society categorizes their activities into three primary areas – service to alumni, service to students, and service to the college. Within those categories they do a variety of things – from providing financial support for alumni receptions, to sponsoring the annual Alumni Achievement Awards, to providing career and professional development consultation for students, to providing an annual scholarship for an Arts and Architecture student.

Penn State Alumni Association

Penn State’s Pride is Penn State’s new online alumni directory – it boasts a number of new features:

  • securely hidden e-mail addresses to prevent address harvesting;
  • the choice to hide individual bytes of personal information, like home address and phone numbers;
  • and the ability to post a photo of yourself.

While the online alumni directory features listings on nearly all Penn Staters, it is only searchable and usable by members of the Penn State Alumni Association. Non-members can view and make changes to their personal listing only. Members can update their own listing but also look up other Penn Staters through the search engine that will search by name variations such as last name or maiden name; majors or degrees; class year; city, state, or country; job title or other business-related info like company name.