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Landscape Architecture Program Accreditation

Penn State has a professionally accredited undergraduate degree (B.L.A.) and a professionally accredited graduate degree (M.L.A.).  Both provide students the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to pursue professional practice and licensure in landscape architecture.

Our B.L.A. undergraduate curriculum and our M.L.A. graduate curriculum both are accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB). The mission of LAAB is to evaluate, advocate for, and advance the quality of education in landscape architectural programs. LAAB establishes standards that ensure that current and future practitioners understand, obtain and maintain the knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice landscape architecture in the future.

As with other professionally accredited landscape architecture programs, Penn State’s B.L.A. and M.L.A. undergo accreditation review every six years. The B.L.A. was most recently reviewed in spring 2017, and obtained glowing praise from the accreditation team. Our M.L.A. program was initially accredited by LAAB in 2013, and the next accreditation visit is scheduled for spring 2020.

Program Rankings

Design Intelligence 201819 Design Program Rankings
Penn State B.L.A. is:
#3 nationwide

Top 10 nationwide since 2006–07
Seven of those years in top 3
12 of those years in top 10

Penn State 201617 Landscape Architecture skills assessment (nationwide B.L.A. and M.L.A. rankings)

#3 Dean's Survey—noted for competency in design and technical education and high caliber of graduates

#5 Construction Methods and Materials

Costs of Attendance 

These are estimates. For a personal estimate, students are encouraged to use the Tuition and College Cost Estimator.

Undergraduate (B.L.A., in-state)

Billable Costs: $29,716 (includes tuition, fees, room, and meals)
Non-billable Costs: $1,840 (includes books)
Total: $31,556

Undergraduate (B.L.A., out-of-state)
Billable Costs: $44,944
Non-billable Costs: $1,840 (includes books)
Total: $46,784

Graduate (M.L.A., in-state, on-campus resident)
Billable Costs: $35,852 (includes tuition, fees, room, and meals)
Non-billable Costs: $1,840 (includes books)
Total: $37,692

Graduate (M.L.A., out-of-state, on-campus resident)
Billable Costs: $50,702 (includes tuition, fees, room, and meals)
Non-billable Costs: $1,840 (includes books)
Total: $52,546


Gender Undergraduate Graduate
Female 54% 78%
Male 46% 22%
Race/Ethnicity Undergraduate Graduate
Mixed (Two or more races) 2% 0%
Unknown 3% 6%
American Indian/Alaska Native 0% 0%
Asian 7% 47%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Island 0% 0%
Black/African-American 3% 0%
Hispanic/Latino 6% 0%
White/non-Hispanic 79% 47%

NOTE: Race/ethnicity percentages only reflect domestic students. 


Residency Undergraduate Graduate
PA Resident 51% 25%
Non-PA Resident 49% 75%
Origin Undergraduate Graduate
Domestic 75% 42%
International 25% 58%

Graduation Statistics

Graduation Rates B.L.A. M.L.A. M.S. in L.A.
Number of semesters to complete degree (regular) 9 6 4
Graduated within regular timeframe 92% 100% 50%

Graduate Employment Statistics


  • 70 percent – Private LARCH Employment
  • 24 percent – Higher Education (study or employed)
  • 6 percent – Unemployed or unknown


  • 33 percent – Higher Education
  • 67 percent – Private LARCH Employment

"Folded Section" by Alec Spangler

The large charcoal and graphite drawing on display at the Woskob Family Gallery is an artistic re-envision of the Central Pennsylvania landscape, blending the two passions of Alec Spangler, assistant professor of landscape architecture, into one exhibit – art and the study of an area’s landscape. Read the story


This document is a summary of the E+D: Ecology + Design Symposium that was held in November 2017 at Penn State. Included are reflections on the conference by participating academics and practitioners, transcripts of their conversations with the community (and links to videos), and next steps to move this important initiative forward at Penn State and beyond. 

Collage of images of students working


Facilities tours and studio visits are offered most Fridays (by appointment) at 1:30 p.m. 

Please contact Kelly Praskovich, College of Arts and Architecture, Director of Enrollment, 814-865-9523, to schedule a visit so we may ensure students and faculty are available.

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