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Southwest France Internship Opportunity

Type of Job:
Landscape Architecture
Name of Firm:

Nova France SAS

Job Location:

Domme, France

Nova France SAS seeks interns in landscape architecture, permaculture, and/or horticulture to work on an exciting new project in the Black Perigord region of the Dordogne, southwest France.

The internship has the potential to lead to future employment, subject to fulfilling French residency requirements. Assistance with housing will be provided. The internship start dates are flexible, as is the length of the internship. A minimum 8 weeks is required. The internship is non-paid, but offers great potential for gaining practical experience and bearing responsibility for project planning and implementation. The management team has decades of experience in sustainable agriculture, market gardening, and tourism development.

The internship will entail work on three long-abandoned garden sites in or near the ancient walled town of Domme, on the banks of the Dordogne River. The primary 1.6 hectare site consists of ancient terraces on a slope with views of the river valley. To the rear of the property is a prominent cliff face housing an ancient troglodyte village, which includes prehistoric caves with artwork (etchings and bas relief sculptures dating back 20000 to 17000 years). The site is rich with stone walls and ruins of stone buildings, as well as cave habitations. Part of location consists of protected woodlands, mostly hardwoods. The site is very overgrown, and includes a small walnut plantation. The goal is to rehabilitate the site as a garden, making it accessible and authentic to its historical past, including pursuing edible landscaping.

A second site is a 2000 sq. m. garden plot just outside the fortified walls of the Bastide of Domme, which was last cultivated about 30 years ago. The site was historically used by those living in the fortified town for vegetable cultivation and vineyard. No irrigation is possible—outside of rainwater collection—and it lies in a strictly-controlled historic area, so the goal is to find suitable and sustainable uses for the property, including possibly a restaurant garden or a vineyard. This plot outside the walls is part of a property inside the walled town with about 200 square meters of decorative garden that must be totally re-designed and re-planted for a tourist accommodation.

Finally, there is a 500 square metre walled garden in the town of Cenac-et-St.-Julien, at the foot of Domme. The stone building at this location is being converted to a restaurant, and the garden requires appropriate design, landscaping, and planting to serve as an outdoor dining area.

Domme is within short distance of numerous intriguing horticultural sites, including the Gardens of Marqueysac and the Planbuisson Bamboo Garden.

Interns can start at any time after April 1, 2018.

Those interested should send a CV and cover letter to Vaughan Perret at

NOVA FRANCE SAS, 18 Place de la Rode, Domme 24250

Tel. +34 649302030

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