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Landscape Architect

Type of Job:
Entry Level
Landscape Architecture
Name of Firm:

Kimicata Brothers, Inc.

Job Location:

Pittsburgh, PA


  • Follow leads to contact and meet with potential clients to begin the design/build process
  • Gather information and site details to continue the design/build process
  • Create ideas and plans to meet the client’s goals
  • Price the materials, labor, equipment and materials to complete the proposed project
  • Present the plan, proposal and pricing to the client
  • Timely client communication before, during and after the project
  • Provide project manager detailed materials, labor and equipment needs to complete the project
  • Layout the project and work with our team to install the project in a profitable manner
  • Follow up to assure client satisfaction for posting a positive online review
  • Assist with marketing, social media and website presence
  • Promote our professionalism, industry certifications & commitment to quality
  • Participate in continuing education and industry seminars
  • Provide the highest performance standards to the needs of our clients, our employees and to the business.


  • Must have a valid and clean Pennsylvania driver’s license
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manor
  • Strong communications and computer skills
  • 3 + years of design/build experience
  • Thorough knowledge of landscape plants, materials, equipment and procedures
  • Strong organizational, management, communication and leadership skills
  • Self-motivated with the ability to multi-task and be part of a winning team
Our company offers health care benefits, a 401K plan with 50% employer match, paid vacation and a year end bonus based on profitability.  We have been in business since 1929.  
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