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Graphic Design summer internship

Type of Job:
Graphic Design
Name of Firm:

Wray Ward

Job Location:

Charlotte, NC

FORM is brought to you by your mom's incessant nagging about what you're doing this summer and Wray Ward, a marketing and communications firm in Charlotte. At Wray Ward, we spend our days coming up with a bunch of super smart, insanely creative ideas for our clients (interrupted by the occasional ping pong match or in-depth discussion of Game of Thrones). If that sounds like something you're into (or you'd rather die than spend another summer folding clothes at Urban), apply today.

FORM is a paid (!), 8-week, full-time summer internship where you'll build your portfolio (fatten up that resume) by working on real projects (awww yiiiss).

Career Day 2017

Penn State’s Stuckeman School will host its 31st annual Career Day on Friday, February 24. Our vibrant event enables professional firms to directly interact with the school’s award-winning students through a series of opportunities that encourage discovery, student engagement, and networking with alumni and professionals across the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design professions. Find out more at our Career Day page. 

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