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Freelance Graphic Design

Type of Job:
Graphic Design
Name of Firm:


Job Location:

State College, PA

Freelance Logo Design:
The founders Marina & Hailey would like anyone interested to contact No previous work or resume is required.
Exspir is a startup company focused on bike safety, founded by Marina & Hailey after a cross-country cycling trip in 2016. Exspir is currently seeking logo design work for their brand. This is tangible real-world experience to add to your portfolio and resume that may be used for years to come!
Since completing the Happy Valley Launchbox program they are now working on their brand presence as well as their high fidelity prototype with the College of Engineering here at Penn State University. Their prototype will consist of a daytime visible lighted belt that has the ability to communicate cyclist's movements to drivers via different patterns. Their aim is for it to function much like turn signals and a brake light for cyclists. They also want to expand to community education to further their mission in making the road safer for cyclists! 
If you are interested in helping to create a brand logo then please email with your interest & a little bit about yourself. Thank you! 

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