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Design Intern

Type of Job:
Landscape Architecture
Name of Firm:


Job Location:

Pittsburgh, PA

StormWorks is a project of the Nine Mile Run Watershed Association (NMRWA), designed to support the restoration and protection of the Nine Mile Run watershed by providing sustainable stormwater management products and services, within the watershed and beyond its boundaries. StormWorks offers property consultations, rain barrels, rain gardens, and other stormwater solutions throughout Allegheny County. StormWorks seeks a Design Intern to assist with projects beginning in early to mid May 2017.
Specific duties/responsibilities include:
Assisting with the design of rain gardens and other landscape plans for residences and small businesses.
The Intern will provide services to NMRWA/StormWorks, and specifically the StormWorks team, to support the fulfillment of its mission. Duties to be accomplished during the scope of this position include:
  1. Assist the StormWorks team in designing green infrastructure projects in Allegheny County.
  2. Work with the Design Manager to plan rain gardens and landscape features for residential properties and small businesses
  3. Work with design manager on client proposals and project budgets
  4. Assist the field crew in plant layout and planting.
  5. Provide input and feedback to the team in regards to ways to make processes more efficient.
  6. Assist in the updating of StormWorks’ project portfolio
  • Degree or working towards a degree in landscape architecture, urban planning, environmental engineering, or related.
  • Strong graphic communication skills
  • Proficient in AutoCad, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.
  • Good communication skills, comfortable working with a team, and communicating with clients.
  • Comfortable working outdoors in all kinds of weather and site conditions.
  • Interest in environmental stewardship as well as gardening, landscaping, and horticulture.
  • Knowledge of local plant material and landscape maintenance.
Physical requirements:
This position could include some physical labor, including but not limited to, the carrying of and planting perennials and trees and carting mulch and water, during summer season.
Time requirements:
  • Flexible, Monday through Friday during the months of May-September, or later if available.
  • 15-20 hours per week is preferred.
  • Schedule may include an occasional night or weekend meeting.
Instruction and general supervision will be provided by a NMRWA/StormWorks staff member. However, Intern will be expected to perform duties in a timely and proficient manner without close supervision.
  1. NMRWA/StormWorks will supply specific information and resources needed to complete the assigned tasks.
  2. The Intern will report regularly to the Design Manager or a designated StormWorks staff member regarding this work. Regular feedback is a part of the team process at NMRWA/StormWorks.
  3. The Intern is not an employee or agent of NMRWA/StormWorks. Intern shall not hold themselves out as or claim to be an officer, agent, or employee of NMRWA/StormWorks by reason hereof, nor shall Intern make any claim of right, privilege or benefit that would accrue to such employee or agent of NMRWA/StormWorks or under law.
  4. NMRWA/StormWorks will provide a safe working environment.
  5. Intern is expected to take breaks in accordance with Federal Labor Laws. Lunch and safety breaks are encouraged and expected by NMRWA/StormWorks.
  6. NMRWA/StormWorks staff will be available for references for future employment opportunities, if requested.
General Agreements
  • Intern will have access to all appropriate records needed to assist the Organization.
  • Intern agrees to maintain as confidential all proprietary information about the Organization.
  • Services rendered by the Intern will support the Organization in the fulfillment of its mission and charitable purpose: to provide customers with stormwater solutions to protect the waters of Allegheny County.
  • Amendment and Assignment. This Agreement may not be amended or modified except in writing, signed by each of the parties hereto, or their duly authorized representatives.
  • Arbitration. Any controversy or claim arising out of or in relation to the Agreement, or breach hereof, shall be settled by arbitration in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, in accordance with the laws then pertaining to Consultants, and judgment upon the award rendered may be entered and enforced in any court having jurisdiction thereof.
Please include cover letter, resume and samples of work and/or projects to:
Sara Madden
Design Manager

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