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Inquiry into Design and Computation

If you are interested in learning about how computational tools, thinking and methods such as CAD scripting or    virtual  reality,  rule  based  and  parametric  design,  intelligent  and  responsive  design  as  well  as  how  visual calculating    can work  for  and impact  design this  course  is  for  you.  The  course  provides  a broad  overview  of computational  tools,  thinking  and  methods  in  used  in  design.  This  course  will  focus  on  the  following  3 questions. What makes design a unique computational domain compared to other fields that use computing such  as  computer  science  or  biology  for  example?    What  parts  of  design  can  be  assisted  with  computation and  automation  in  a  useful  and  productive  way  and  what  parts  are  not?  How  can  you  use  these  kinds  of tools, thinking and methods critically for your own design work?  Topics  will  expose  students  to  key  design  computational  paradigms  such  as  visual  calculating;   rule  based design;  parametric  practices;  spatial  syntax;  pattern  language;  simulation  and  modeling;  intelligent  and augmented  spaces  and  cities;  digital  fabrication;  and  computational  materials.  In  this  course,  students  will look at computation done by hand and computation done by machines with the emphasis on understanding computation broadly through theories of the body, historical, political and social developments which shape how  computation  has  been  engaged  in  design  today.  Thus,  offering  students  the  opportunity  to  consider computation  processes,  concepts  and  theories  apart  from  specific  tools  and  technical  skills. The  course  is structured as a series of  2  class modules where a topic  is engaged first through presented case  studies and theoretical readings and secondly through hands on design work and analysis.

Note:  This  is  a  required  subject for  first  year  Post  Professional  and  PhD  students  in  the  Design and Computation  cluster  in  the  School  of  Architecture  and  Landscape  Architecture.  However,  it  is open  to interested students from other areas and departments 

Landscape Architecture
PSU code: 
ARCH 497/LARCH 497
Course duration: 
August, 2016
Course coordinator: 

Coordinator: Felecia Davis
Faculty: Guests from the Design Computing Cluster and Other Departments at the University.

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