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Rodney Trice
Assistant Teaching Professor
photo of Rodney Allen Trice
Graphic Design Program
24A Borland

Rodney Allen Trice is a 1987 Alum from Penn State’s graphic design program. He spent the last 30 years in New York City working primarily in magazine publishing. Titles that he has worked with include InStyle, People, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour & Essence to name a few.

He moved on to expand his media experience in the last five years stretching into producing TV pitches and developing video and film concepts. He explored his own “content creating” through social media. This exploration has led him to develop his own broadcasting network model based on current media trends as well as equipment and technology of today. Some of that technology he is beginning to work with is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to move our media consumption into more experience driven content. 

Additionally, the troubled society is having to communicate today, social mass conditioning has become an important exploration as well.

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