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Marc Miller
Assistant Professor
Photo of Marc Miller
Penn State Landscape Architecture
321 Stuckeman

Marc Miller is trained as an Architect and Landscape Architect. He has worked as an architect, architectural lighting designer, urban designer and campus master planner. His research interests revolve around cybernetics, mappping, and fabrication as means to fabricate landscapes. 


  • B.F.A, Fine Arts and Art History, Binghamton University
  • M.Arch, University of Virginia
  • M.L.A., Cornell University


  • Fabrication and Landscape
  • Computation and Landscape Mapping

Exhibitions + Presentations

  • Building a Legacy, The Cassell Family and Cornell, Cornell University
  • Landscape is a Verb, Cornell University


  • Chapter – “Fabricating Technosols” in Unconventional Computing: Design Methods for Adaptive Architecture.
  • Chapter  Miller, M and Vanucchi, J. “(In)Complete.” Submission of a collection of student work from two design studios for visual representation in landscape architecture
Synchroballistic landscapes
Synchroballistic landscapes
Synchroballistic landscapes