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Madis Pihlak
Associate Professor, Tenured
Portrait of Madis Philak
Department of Architecture
203 Arts Cottage

Madis Pihlak has lectured widely on emerging digital design media. His research includes sustainable urbanism, design collaboration, pedestrian friendly site design, and the application of Hollywood level animation software packages as a design medium.


  • M.L.A
  • M.C.P

Courses Taught

  • ARCH 431 (Architectural Design V)


Design computing; urban design; and digital expression.


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 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Feb. 2006
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  • Innovations in Technology for 2006, Printed Interview One of three “landscape architect experts”  by Landscape Architect and Specifier News Dec.. 2005
  • Pihlak,M. 2005 Web Article The Christo Jean Claude Gates in Central Park Greenwich University UK. March 2, 2005


photo of madis pihlak's work
photo of madis pihlak's work
photo of madis pihlak's work
photo of madis pihlak's work
photo of madis pihlak's work