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Flávio Craveiro
Department of Architecture

Flávio Craveiro is a Ph.D. Candidate in Design and Computation applied to Architecture at the Lisbon School of Architecture, University of Lisbon (UL). His Ph.D. work "Automated Multi-material Fabrication of Buildings" is being developed in several Institutions: i) CIAUD - UL, ii) Pennsylvania State University, iii) University of Manchester (UK), under a Doctoral grant funded by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT).  As Visiting Ph.D. Student at the Pennsylvania State University, he contributes to the project “Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Structures”, founded by the Raymond A. Bowers Program, Autodesk, and NASA.

Flavio holds a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and a M.Sc. in Engineering Design and Product Development from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, where he was engaged in several projects in the architecture/construction and manufacturing fields as a Researcher and Assistant Lecturer. These projects were funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, the Portuguese Agency for Innovation, the Portuguese Institute for SMEs and Innovation and the European Commission. He also served in the organizing committee of several International Conferences, namely the “International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing” (S2M 2016), the “International Conferences on Sustainable Intelligent Manufacturing” (SIM 2011, 2013) and the “International Conferences on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping” (VRAP 2009, 2011, 2013).