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Eliza Pennypacker ASLA
Department Head and Professor of Landscape Architecture, Stuckeman Chair in integrative Design
photo of Eliza Pennypacker
Department of Landscape Architecture
129 Stuckeman

Eliza Pennypacker has been a faculty member in Penn State's Department of Landscape Architecture since 1982. She has taught a wide range of courses, including the History of Landscape Architecture, First-Year Seminar, and all levels of design studio, including the semester abroad. Currently she serves as Department Head, and teaches 2nd year studio/seminar, where she exploits her passion for teaching by conducting research in design pedagogy with Tom Yahner. Their current work is focused on developing student skills in learning transfer to facilitate divergent thinking and self-regulated learning. 

Pennypacker’s other research track focuses on “artful rainwater design” (ARD): stormwater management that not only mitigates quality and quantity of runoff, but celebrates rainwater in a design that educates or entertains visitors. In collaboration with Stuart Echols, she has written and presented on this topic extensively and has published a book, Artful Rainwater Design: Creative Ways to Manage Stormwater, published in 2015. In addition, as the 2012-13 Stuckeman Professor of Interdisciplinary Design, Pennypacker hosted a one-day symposium on April 10, 2013, titled “Challenges and Opportunities in the ‘Artful Rainwater Design’ Approach to Green Infrastructure.” The event convened twelve experts in ARD who delivered TED-Talk-style presentations a facet of ARD that they find particularly interesting or challenging. These talks were videotaped and are accessible via YouTube:


  • BA, Philosophy, St. John's College
  • MLA, University of Virginia



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