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Danielle Oprean

Danielle is the coordinator of the Immersive Environments Lab (IEL) with a joint appointment in the Stuckeman Center for Design Computing (Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design) and Chorophronesis (Department of Geography). Her research focuses on evaluating the role of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology for spatial and data visualization. She centers her evaluation work around user experience and HCI frameworks with particular interest in the role of embodiment as a explanatory mechanism for immersive technology generating a sense of presence. Her research has implications for human-computer interaction, visualization, spatial cognition, and education/training.

Danielle holds a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media Visualization (2005), dual Masters in Engineering Technology (2007) and Design with Digital Media in Architectural Studies (2010), and a PhD in Human Environmental Sciences with a focus in Design with Digital Media (2014). She has experience with large-scale immersive environments: iLab at the University of Missouri (2009-2014), Duet Lab at Cornell University (2013), and the IEL at Penn State (2014-2018).