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Digital Design Media

INTRODUCTIONS/INTENTIONS: The primary intention of Arch 481–Digital Design Media is to introduce students to the computer-related technology available within the department and investigate its potential in architecture through project-based approach.  The course will be divided into two parts.  The first part is devoted to knowledge acquisition in the particular tools and software (among others: FormZ, Render Zone, Final Cut Pro, Unity, VR, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, etc.) that will be needed for the final research project.  The different software are presented and discussed and a basic knowledge and expertise is formulated.  The second part of the course is devoted to different investigative projects.  Each student will undertake a project (assigned or self-selected) in a thematic unit.  During this period students are expected to work on their project in consultation with the instructor and participate in the in-depth seminars that will be offered on the different thematic units and tools.


  • Further exploration and development of design computing applications in relation [re]presentation in architecture.
  • Investigate digital technologies through interactive virtual explorations of speculative and analytical architectural project.
  • Explore above-mentioned correlations through exercises that engage, exploit and critique the technology.
  • Develop an understanding of unique characteristics in computer technologies for conception and representation of architectural intentions.


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ARCH 481
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