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Career Day

Career Day 2018 – Friday, February 9

Penn State’s Stuckeman School will host its annual Career Day in February 2018. Our vibrant event enables professional firms to directly interact with the school’s award-winning students through a series of opportunities that encourage discovery, student engagement, and networking with alumni and professionals across the Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Graphic Design professions.

Our programs are consistently ranked among the top design programs in the country. Undergraduate programs (BLA, BArch, B.Design) and 2- to 3-year professional graduate programs (MLA, MArch) cultivate students who are technically prepared to make an immediate impact in professional practice. The research-focused graduate programs (MS in LA, MS in Arch, and Ph.D.) encourage our students towards deep investigations of complex problems.

Registration is now closed. Firms will be notified by November 17th.


Once registered, you will be granted access to a ‘digital platform’ ( to upload slides, videos, portfolios, promotional materials, and internship/career opportunities - Anything you would like to share with our students to help them learn about your company.
Digital platforms will be made available to students on Monday, January 15th, allowing time to learn about each participating firm. Students will have the ability to upload resumes and portfolios for your review.


You must also submit a poster. Please UPLOAD FILES BY FRIDAY, JANUARY 12th AT 5:00PM. Posters are to be ARCH D size in portrait orientation (PDF format). Please use the naming convention "FirmName_Poster.pdf" for files. This should be uploaded to your firm’s BOX folder.

We look forward to this fantastic gathering and appreciate your interest in engaging with our students.

Kelleann Foster
Director, Stuckeman School

Eliza Pennypacker
Head, Landscape Architecture

Mehrdad Hadighi
Head, Architecture

Keith Cummings
Asst. to professor-in-charge, Graphic Design

Schedule and Event Information

CAREER DAY: Friday, february 9

  • Half day firm exhibition
  • Evening reception at the Nittany Lion Inn

Each participating firm will be provided space in the exhibition area. This provides an excellent opportunity to engage with students and network with colleagues.

OPTIONAL INTERVIEWS: Saturday, february 10

  • Optional interviews with students (8:00am – 5:00pm)

Interview rooms at the Penn State Career Services Center may be scheduled for time with individual students. Firms are encouraged to schedule interviews to meet their current or expected needs. Firms must schedule their own interviews.