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Department of Architecture

Graduate Awards/Scholarships

John Stewardson Memorial Scholarship in Architecture

Students will participate in a ten-day, statewide design competition, the dates to be announced. An internal jury within the Department of Architecture will select a limited number of fifth-year entries to be forwarded for final review at the state level. One winning project is awarded $6,500. The winner will pursue the study of architecture in a foreign country as approved by the managing committee, and is required to begin within one year of the award.

Alma Heinz and August Louis Pohland Awards

Established by Joseph V. and Suzanne Pohland Paterno.

PURPOSE: To recognize and support outstanding graduate students.

ELIGIBILITY: All full-time graduate students in the school of architecture and landscape architecture exhibiting academic excellence.

REQUIREMENTS: A research thesis or terminal project.

PROCEDURE: The application process will include an application form, including a signature by the student’s primary advisor endorsing the application, a copy of the student’s final thesis/terminal project proposal and grades. 

SELECTION PROCESS: A review of the proposals and decision will be made by members of the school of architecture and landscape architecture council.

AWARD: $2500 annually.

Available to All Students

Faculty Letters of Commendation

Established by Penn State’s Department of Architecture.

PURPOSE: To recognize students who have provided excellent service to the department and show outstanding professionalism.

ELIGIBILITY: Students of the department of architecture.

REQUIREMENTS: Enrollment in the department of architecture.

SELECTION PROCESS: Faculty nomination and unanimous approval by the faculty.

AWARD: A letter of commendation.

LDA – L.D. Astorino Companies Endowment for the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Established by LDA – L.D. Astorino Companies and Louis D. Astorino, Class of ’69.

PURPOSE: To support the international study-abroad program and projects emphasizing interdisciplinary approaches bringing together the expertise of different professions including architecture, landscape architecture and/or engineering.

ELIGIBILITY: To be determined.

REQUIREMENTS: To be determined.

PROCEDURE: To be determined.

SELECTION PROCESS: To be determined.

AWARD: To be determined.

The Graduate Exhibition

March 23 and 25, 2012

Description: The Graduate Exhibition celebrates research in all its aspects as an essential and exciting part of graduate education at Penn State. Established in 1986, the Graduate Exhibition places special emphasis on communicating research and creative endeavor to a general audience and offers an unusual opportunity for professional development by challenging graduate students to present their work in clear, comprehensible terms to people outside their fields.

The Graduate Exhibition is also an opportunity for graduate students to see themselves as part of the larger University community, to share their creativity, and to appreciate the breadth of quality research being done at Penn State. Each year, graduate students throughout the University are invited to participate.

Additional scholarships and awards are available at the college level.

Graduate Student Summer Residencies

Description: The Institute for the Arts and Humanities is pleased to sponsor a program of graduate student summer residencies. This program will provide eight advanced students in the arts and humanities with a $4,000 summer stipend and the use of an office in Ihlseng Cottage, enabling them to devote the 2012 summer session to work on their theses, dissertations or degree-required final creative projects. Students are required to be in residence at University Park for the duration of the grant period.

University Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate School sponsors eighty University Graduate Fellowships. This prestigious fellowship program is available to incoming students and provides payment of tuition and a base stipend of $17,500 for 2012-13. Some colleges increase the stipend with their own funding. Selection of the University Graduate Fellow is made at the college level. Interested prospective students should contact their departments for details on the college's deadline, requirements, and procedures.

Bunton-Waller Fellowship

Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards are generally assistantships granted to incoming students as part of the University's comprehensive educational opportunity program. The graduate admission application serves as the Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards application. Students must be nominated by their program for consideration within their college. The Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards Program competition is open to incoming graduate degree candidates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Applications will be evaluated on scholarly promise and upon receiving a commitment from the student's graduate major program to support the student.

Waddell-Biggart Fellowship

The Waddell Biggart Graduate Fellowships were created by a generous gift from Waddell A. Biggart II, former vice-president of the Graduate School Alumni Society. These awards help fund students in the Colleges of the Liberal Arts and Arts and Architecture. Selection of the recipients is made at the college level. students should contact their departments to inquire about the college's deadline, requirements, and procedures.