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Admissions: Master of Science in Architecture (M.S. in Architecture)

Application Process

Graduate Programs Assistant in Architecture
Nina Bumgarner
Phone: (814) 865-0345

Director of Graduate Studies in Architecture
Ute Poerschke, Ph.D.
Phone: 814.865.4238

Important Dates

Fall admission: For consideration for admission, complete application materials should be received no later than January 15th of the preceding academic year. In special cases, applications may be considered after this date. To be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship, a Graham Fellowship, or a Graduate School Fellowship, complete application materials must be received no later than January 15th of the preceding academic year and even earlier applications are recommended.

Spring admission: The program is structured to build on the methods and theory core courses that are offered only in the fall. Therefore, only under extraordinary circumstances are students considered for admission at mid-year, i.e. for spring semester. Students interested in applying for acceptance in the spring semester are advised to discuss the matter with the graduate program coordinator prior to submitting the application.

Important Notes

  • The Department will not evaluate your application packet until all materials have been submitted.
  • Applications for entrance in the 2018-19 academic year will be reviewed beginning January 15, 2018.

Admission Requirements

  1. Your application must be submitted to the Pennsylvania State University Graduate School at the following website: (
  2. Copies of transcripts, degree/study certificates and diplomas in the language of instruction from all institutions of higher education attended, both undergraduate and graduate, should be uploaded online as part of the Graduate School Application. If English is not the language of instruction, copies of all transcripts/documents in the English translation also must be uploaded.
  3. Once an applicant has accepted an offer of admission, he/she will be notified by the Graduate School that official/original transcripts/documents and their official English translation must be sent from the originating institutions for review by the Graduate School, in order to finalize an admission decision. Notarized copies are not sufficient.
  4. Scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Please request ETS to electronically submit to: Penn State University (institution code 2660).
  5. TOEFL/IELTS scores from non-native speakers of English. Submit to Penn State University (institution code 2660). The minimum acceptable score for the TOEFL is 550 for the paper-based test or a total score of 80 with a 19 on the speaking section for the Internet-based test (iBT). The minimum acceptable composite score for the IELTS is 6.5. See Graduate School website for more information; all test scores must be sent from ETS.
  6. Your portfolio (not to exceed 12MB) should include 5-10 creative design samples. The presented work should have been executed at the undergraduate level or under professional guidance or independently, provided the applicant can provide evidence of ownership, is an important part of the graduate application.  A minimum portfolio representation of one project for each year of academic undergraduate study, or its equivalent, is required. Applicants are encouraged to include other evidence of academic excellence, such as awards, design and scholarly achievements, and other recognition.
  7. Aside from a one-page CV, a statement of purpose is required that describes your professional goals and an explanation of how your previous education, academic background, and/or professional experience provide a foundation for pursuing graduate training. The statement of purpose must include your interest of study and the research cluster you desire to work in.

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