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The Stuckeman Center encompasses a number of state-of-the-art facilities including the Stuckeman Center Laboratory, as well as a number of other laboratories, each focusing on different research fields connected to Design Computing, such as Visualization, Digital Fabrication, or Computational Textile and Soft Computational Materials. These laboratories offer the Stuckeman community the opportunity to come into close contact with advanced tools for design.

2018 SCDC Open house and Flash Symposium: Materiality and Computing, March 13-14, 2018

SCDC Open House and Flash Symposium
Materiality + Computing

Date: 13–14 March 2018
Location: University Park, PA, USA
Visit the Symposium event website

The Stuckeman Center for Design Computing (SCDC) 2018 Flash Symposium, Materiality + Computing, will feature interdisciplinary presentations and workshops on generative design and material computation, as well as an open house featuring an exhibition of the design computing research ongoing in the Stuckeman School and the Penn State School of Visual Arts.

The two-day event will feature a series of design computing workshops on Tuesday, March 13, followed by a series of guest lectures on Wednesday, March 14.